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An Exhibition of Ancient Mesopotamian Art

A Gathering of the Gods - the Power of Mesopotamian Religion

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Sumerian Black Steatite Head of a Bearded Deity with Bull's Ears
Lagash(?), Sumer; circa 2150 BC; Height 2.25 inches

The male divinity, sculpted from black steatite, has a human head with a striated beard and mustache, braided hair, and a row of tight curls around the top of his forehead. Broken from a complete sculpture of a human-headed recumbent bull, his ears are the only animal features remaining on this fine fragment. Deep eye sockets were once inlaid. He wears the quadruple horned crown of a Sumerian deity. The full statue would have been approximately 8 inches long. Only four complete examples of this size are known. They are in the Louvre and in the Iraq Museum, Baghdad.