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An Exhibition of Ancient Mesopotamian Art

A Gathering of the Gods - the Power of Mesopotamian Religion

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Sumerian Miniature Brown Serpentine Sculpture of a Human-headed Bull
Mesopotamia; circa 2100 BC; Length 1.75 inches

The human face portrays a man with strong, almost regal facial features including a large curved Semitic nose, a full mouth, finely formed eyes with eyebrows that meet at the bridge of his nose and bull's ears. He has a long curled beard, large ringlets of hair reaching down each side of his face almost to the end of his beard and two single horns curved forward at the top of his forehead. His horns indicate that he is a deity. The mythological animal is seated with his legs and tail tucked under him. He has finely engraved hair on the back of his head and on his hindquarters. The bull's erect phallus is visible on the underside of the sculpture. A wonderfully executed, rare and perfectly preserved miniature work of art by one of the finest Sumerian miniature carvers.