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An Exhibition of Ancient Mesopotamian Art

A Gathering of the Gods - the Power of Mesopotamian Religion

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1. Black Indurated Limestone Ovoid Kudurru
(Mesopotamia, Second Dynasty of Isin, 1157-1025 BC; H 16.5 inches)
2. Sumerian Indurated Limestone Male Bearded Orant holding a Vase
(Mari area, Syria; circa 2200 BC; H 4.4 inches)
3. Sumerian Alabaster Head of a Female Orant
(Diyala Region, Mesopotamia; 2600-2340 BC; H 2.6 inches)

4. Sumerian Marble Head of a Female Orant with Black Serpentine Hair
(Mesopotamia; circa 2500 BC; H 1.3 inches)
5. Sumerian Creme Calcite Face with Lapis Inlaid Eyebrows
(Mari area, Syria; 2600-2350 BC; H 1.8")
6. Sumerian Brown Serpentine Recumbent Human-headed Bull
(Mesopotamia; circa 2100 BC; L 1.75 inches)
7. Sumerian Steatite Head of a Bearded Deity with Bull's Ears
(Tello?, Sumer; circa 2150 BC; H 2.25 inches)
8. Sumerian Mother-of-Pearl Inlay: Bald-Headed Priest leading a Bull
(Mesopotamia; circa 2500 BC; 1.5 inches x 1.45 inches)
9. Mesopotamian Terracotta Dog with Kassite Cross
(Isin?, Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 11 inches)

10. Old Babylonian Terracotta Relief Plaque: Mastiff walking right
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; L 3.25 inches)
11. Old Babylonian Terracotta Figure of a Seated Goddess
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 3.8 inches)
12. Old Babylonian Terracotta Mold-made Plaque of a Standing God
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 4.5 inches)
13. Old Babylonian Terracotta Plaque: Goddess with Flowing Vases
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 3.9 inches)
14. Assyrian Glazed Tile with Rearing, Roaring Mythological Beast
(Iran; 7th Cent BC; H 13.5 inches x W 12.5 inches)

15. Assyrian Dark Brown Diorite Lamashtu Plaque Fragment
(Kirkuk, Assyria; 8th-7th Century BC; W 2.1 inches)

16. Assyrian Tan Frit Female Headed Winged Composite Being
(Iran; circa 900 BC; H 2.2 inches)

17. Sumerian White Alabaster Bearded Male Orant Head and Torso
(Tel Asmar, Sumer; c. 2700 BC; H 3.6")

18. Sumerian Alabaster Head of Bald Man w/Inlaid Eyes Missing
(Sumer; circa 2500 BC; H 2.4")

19. Sumerian Brown-Gray Serpentine and Creme Calcite 2-Part Inlay: Standing Man with Kaunakes
(Sumer; 2800-2400 BC; H 3.75")
20. Small Sumerian Female Calcite Face
(recent donation)

21. Old Babylonian Tan Terra Plaque: Enthroned God on City Wall
(Mesopotamia; circa 1800-1600 BC; H 2.9")

22. Old Babylonian Tan Terra Plaque: King pouring Libation for Deity
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 4.3"; W 3.25")

23.Old Babylonian Terra. Plaque: God w/Sword smiting Enemy
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; 5.4")

24. Mesopotamian Brown Obsidian Lamashtu Plaque w/Inscription
(Mesopotamia; 1st Millennium BC; H .9")

25. Old Babylonian Tan Terracotta Head of Humbaba
(Mesopotamia; 1800-1600 BC; H 3.7")
26. Large Sumerian Terracotta Relief Fragment from Vessel
(Man with Cup)

27. Sumerian Shell Plaque of Gilgamesh with Bull of Heaven

28. Mesopotamian Magical Terracotta Liver

29. Neo-Babylonian Chalcedony Stamp Seal: Bearded Worshiper facing Mushush carrying Symbols of Marduk and Nabu
(found in Iran; 7th-early 6th Cent BC; H 1.1")