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CMAA Exhibits: Ancient Near East

Selected pieces from the collection.
Click on the image to see a larger scaleable version.

Deportation of Conquered People:
Two Women Captives and a Soldier
Assyria, King's Palace at Nineveh
704 - 681 B.C.

Vase with Two Mythical Unicorn Bulls
Black chlorite;
Elam, 2500-2200 B.C.
Cuneiform Tablet: Annual Report of Public Works
Sumer, City of Umma, 2082 B.C.

Weather and War God, Baal
Syria or Anatolia, 1400 - 1200 B. C.

Goddess with Fish-shaped Eyes and Feather Hair
Tridacna shell;
Northern Syria, circa 650 B.C.